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trek to machu picchu

Journey to Machu Picchu through the Andean village of Choquecancha to experience Incan culture.

Choquecancha is located in the province of Lares. This small village has a population of approximately 200. The people who live here are proud of their Incan heritage. Hardworking and friendly, they value family above all. Visitors to Choquecancha enjoy interacting with this beautiful community and experiencing Incan culture.

Because of our relationship with this village, only travelers with True Mountain Tourist enjoy hands-on interaction with the local culture. You can take part in their farming, learn a dance, and more.

Choquecancha’s superior production of textile fabrics serves as a source of financial sustainability as well as social identity. Their textiles are famous not only within the Cusco region but across the entire country of Peru. A visit to Choquecancha isn’t complete without trying on some of their traditional clothing.

Choquecancha is also a town rich with history. Remaining ancient Incan structures are still inhabited by the local people. When spending time in this village, history comes to life. You can’t help but imagine what Incan life was like.

We welcome you to our community and are excited to share this special view of Andean life with you. Please join us on our Choquecancha Trek to Machu Picchu.

Cancha Cancha

andean villages
andean villages

Travel back to ancient Incan times in the Andean village of Cancha Cancha on your way to Machu Picchu.

Cancha Cancha is a small village located in the Lares Valley at an altitude of 3,650 m / 12,303 ft. It is the only Andean village that lacks modern technology. With no cars or electricity, this village is a beautiful place to enjoy nature while learning about the lifestyle of the locals.

The people who live in Cancha Cancha still practice real Incan traditions. You can see how they raise their guinea pigs. You will also learn about their traditional hand-woven textiles, made of llama and alpaca wool. More than 80 percent of the houses are original, ancient Incan construction, made of stone with grass-thatched roofs.

You’ll also get to meet local children in Cancha Cancha. To support the education and health of this native village, True Mountain Tourist provide them with food and school supplies every time we visit. We invite our travelers to share in this support. You’re welcome to bring anything you would like to supplement the lives of these Quechuan-speaking children.

We’re delighted to let you experience our Andean community and culture. Enjoy a stay in Cancha Cancha on our Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

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