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rainbow mountain peru

Rainbow Mountain – Full Day

Surprise yourself with a destination like no other: Rainbow Mountain!

Vinicunca Mountain offers you a dream-like landscape with the natural colours of the rainbow.

Enjoy a 1 day hike visiting the last years of discovery, and now famous rainbow mountains and vicuñas.

Due to rich minerals, the mountain is full of deep colours, that make a unique pattern.

You will spend a day within the andes mountain range and make your way by foot or on horseback riding to this hidden mountain.

It will be a memory you’ll love forever.


Cusco – Cusipata – Rainbow Mountain – Cusco

We will pick you up in Cuzco about four a.m., from whichever hotel you’re staying at within Cuzco. it’s about a 3 and a half hour drive in our private van, throughout that we’ll pass through ancient villages and see some wonderful views of the Andes. Before we reach the path head for this hike, we’ll stop and enjoy a lovely breakfast, prepared by locals. we’ll begin the hike at 4,400 m/14,435 ft elevation. From here, it’ll be about 2 hours uphill hike otherwise you could do on horseback riding (optional) to reach the famous Rainbow Mountain. on the way, you’ll enjoy amazing views of the range of mountains, glacial peaks, red mountains, rocky hills, and traditional llamas and alpacas grazing on the valley. As you reach the summit of the mountain, you’ll be able to spot some Andean wildlife. this can be the only place in Cuzco where you can see wild Vicuñas, the Andean camel. Vicuñas are the same family as llamas, though they are smaller. Their wool is the most costly wool in the world. Once we reach the top of Rainbow Mountain, you’ll have enough time to absorb the impressiveness of the red mountains that surround this space. you will also see wonderful views of the valleys and Ausangate glacier Peak in front of you. Ausangate is the tallest mountain of the Cuzco region (just under 21,000 ft elevation), and is part of the Cordillera Vilcanota range. while taking in these brilliant views, your guide will share some info with you about the composition of those mountains and how they became striated in the rainbow of colours. after taking a couple of amazing photos and soaking in the views (perhaps we’ll even see a few condors floating on the air currents), we’ll begin our descent with a 2 hour, downhill hike. Following, will catch our non-public van and you will be able to see the life-style of those native people, who still practice the ancient traditions of the Incas.

Here, they speak Quechua, practice their earth-based faith and agriculture. They honor the mountain spirits and the father Sun, to ensure that their farming crops and herds flourish. The natives also weave the textiles that you can find within the museums around peru. we’ll then stop to enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared, hot lunch. Finally, after lunch in local restaurant , we’ll begin our return trip back in our private transport back to Cuzco. we’ll drop you off at your hotel around four p.m.

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