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salkantay trek

Salkantay Trek

National Geographic adventure Magazine rated the Salkantay trek mutually for the twenty 5 Best Treks among the globe.

The Salkantay Trek might be an in style numerous trek to the world-famous Inca path. It is actually one of Peru’s most beautiful and rewarding hikes. This hike is considered to be challenging. The difficulty comes from, not the distance, but the continuous altitude you will be trekking at during some portions of the hike.

Salkantay encompasses a name of being a awfully robust summit.

In fact the Quechua name, Sallqantai, means ‘Savage’ or ‘Wild’. Although it absolutely was 1st successfully climbed in 1952 by a French-American expedition, the mountain isn’t typically conquered. Situated 60 km North-west of Cusco city, Salkantay mountain which stands at 6,271m.

It is highly recommended that trekkers spend a couple of days in Cusco to acclimatize to the altitude, read more. Permits aren’t needed to do the Salkantay trek.Thus, it’s possible to hike this route on your own.

salkantay trek

 A five day Salkantay hike should cost about the same as the classic four day Inca Trail  hike.Reputable operators will provide good camping equipment, cooks, dining tent, horses to carry the camping equipment, qualified guides who are trained in first aid, hotel and your entrance ticket to Machu Picchu. It is always important to ask the tour company what is not included in the price they give to you before choosing your operator.


During the Salkantay trek there is option for adrenaline-seekers. Zipping before Hidroelectrica Station, the site of South America’s highest zip-line, 150 meters off the ground. And onwards to Aguas Calientes by foot or train.

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The trek is often completed on a five Days /four Nights but it’s attainable to do the trek on a four Days / three Nights itinerary.

Check out the itineraries below to see how it works.

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