7 Day Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu

The Choquequirao 7 Day hike to Machu Picchu is generally believed to be one of the most beautiful hikes in Peru and the Cusco region has to offer for adventurous people.
You will visit the most important Incan archaeological cities of the Peru, Choquequirao and Machu Picchu.

Choquequirao is considered to be bigger than Machu Picchu, although most of the area is hidden by forest.

We recommend this beautiful and challenging hike for experienced trekkers or people in good physical condition who are used to frequent hiking or running.

You are interested in visiting just Choquequirao in less days, just let us know to send you a new packages from 4 days and our professional team with local knowledge will lead you to this beautiful adventure.



This adventure journey begins at 4:30 when your guide picks you up at your hotel in Cusco. We embark on a 4-hour drive in our private van to Capuliyoc, situated on the edge of the Apurimac Canyon and surrounded by towering snow-capped Andes. Along the way, there are picturesque villages and spectacular valley views. Once we arrive to Capuliyoc, we will meet our horsemen and pack all of our equipment onto the horses. You will only carry a small daypack with the essentials you will need on the path. Then, we hike down for 2.5 hours until we arrive at Chikiska where we have lunch. Following, we continue our hike down for 1 more hour to Playa Rosalinas (1,550 m/5,084 ft). Afterwards, we start the up hill hike until we reach our first camp site Santa Rosa for 3.5 hours, where we will spend the night. Hot drinks and appetizers will be waiting when you arrive at camp and your tents will already be set up. You will have time to settle into your tents before your delicious dinner.

Meals included: Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 15kms/9.3 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/challenge


Your guide will wake you with a hot mug of coca tea to enjoy in your tent before you get up for breakfast. Departing early, we ascend about 3 hours to Maranpata, where you will get your first good view of just how extensive is Choquequirao. Then, we have 2 more hours to hike to reach the Choquequirao camp site, where we will enjoy our lunch. Following, you will do a thorough exploration of the Choquequirao Inca site (3,110m/10,120ft) together with your guide. Drinks, appetizers and tents will be ready for your return to the camp site. Take a well deserved relaxing evening, watching the sunset and soaring condors.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 10km/6.2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenge


After breakfast, we will leave camp to hike up over a ridge about 2 hours, then 3 hours down to the fascinating site of Pinchiunuyoc, where we will camp for the night. After lunch you will have free afternon to explore the area and also the beatiful inca terraces of Pinchiunuyuc.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 10kms/6.2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/chalenge


After another hot drink in your sleeping bag, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast. Leaving camp, we hike downhill for 2 hours and arrive at the canyon of the Rio Blanco (1,990 m/6,527 ft), where we will have to take off our boots to cross the river. Take some time for a rest before starting a difficult climb to our campsite of Maizal. The climb takes about 4 hours.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 11kms/6.8 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenge


We leave at 5am, and walk uphill for about 3 hours through a sub-tropical jungle towards the Victoria Mines. Then, an hour more climbing with some well-constructed Inca steps to the pass of Victoria (4,130m/13,546 ft). There are spectacular views from the pass as we descend to the charming village of Yanama(about 2 hours hike).
Once we get to Yanama, we take the local transport all the way to Lucmabamba camp site. Along the way, we get to enjoy the gorgeous views of snow-capped mountains and waterfalls.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner
Accommodation: Camping facilities
Distance: 12kms/7.5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenge


After breafast the hike will about 3 hours uphill by the original Inca Trail and through the cloud forest to Llactapata Inca site (2,700m/8,907ft), which is located straight in front of the Citadel of Machu Picchu.

Once there, we enjoy the unique perspective of Machu Picchu from far away. Then, we hike downhill for 2 hours to the hydroelectric plant where we will have lunch. Following, We continue 3 hours walk enjoying the surroundings of the iconic Machu Picchu, until we reach to the Hotel in Aguas Calientes town.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
2* Accommodation: Intipunku Tambo or Wiracocha Inn Hotel
Distance: 18kms/11.2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenge


Breakfast will be at 5:00 a.m. in the hotel, and then we will line up to take one of the first buses to Machu Picchu, the bus takes 25 minutes to reach Machu Picchu (which opens its doors at 6:00 a.m.). Be sure to bring your original passport, the same one you used to book your trip because park rangers will ask for it (and you can also get a Machu Picchu stamp in it!). Your guide will help you find the perfect places to get the best photos of Machu Picchu (which will immediately become your Facebook profile photo!) and you can enjoy the sunrise if the weather is good. Then you will have your 2-hour guided tour and some extra time to explore the site on your own. If you have booked Huayanpicchu or Machupicchu Mountain, your guide will show you where to start this trek. Huaynapicchu takes 2 hours and Machupicchu Mountain 3 hours round trip. Once you’re done exploring, you can return to the buses and head to Aguas Calientes for lunch. After lunch, you will take the train back to Ollantaytambo and we will transfer you back to your hotel in Cusco.

Important Notes

  • Huayna Picchu or machupicchu mountain is $25 per person and needs to be arranged in advance
  • If you want to stay an extra night in Aguas Calientes please let us know in advance. We can adjust your train tickets and arrange a hotel if you would like for us to help.
  • Rangers do not allow people to carry large backpacks, day packs only are allowed.
  • No trekking poles are allowed in Machu Picchu.
  • Snacks and water are allowed into the Machupicchu but they must be inside your backpack (not in outer pockets)

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