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Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple: Give Back to Those Who Gave Us So Much

We were created with the intention of supporting the local people.

We provide jobs for local people who care deeply for their heritage. The Andean people allow us all to enjoy the history and culture that they protect and preserve. Our hope is to provide financial stability for the children of the Highlands to thrive.

One of our main missions is to create nutrition social projects, because more than 60% Quechua children of the highlands have anemia. Through the good nutrition has seen unbelievable increases in the children’s energy levels, cognitive development and concentration in classes. Their health in general is better, they are more active and robust and attendance levels at school are higher and more constant.

Healthy kids learn better, people with adequate nutrition are more productive and may create opportunities to gradually break the cycles of poverty and hunger.

True Mountain Traveler is based in Cusco, Peru a 100% local Company. By choosing and traveling with True Mountain Traveler, you choose to take part in the wonderful mission that our company is creating to support. It would be hard for us to give back to the community without the help of our clients, who trust us to take them on their treks. We don’t want to just provide great services, but we‘ll also send your money to support social projects, for the benefit of the villages and its children.

Our Social Projects

We focus on the education of Quechua children. Giving away as much of our profits as possible, Our goal is “the prevention and treatment of anemia” in highland communities, which is a serious problem.

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True Mountain Traveler support local communities by providing school supplies, some basic hygiene items such as soap and toothbrushes; clothes, boots, medicines, food, leading treks with volunteer doctors, school trips every year and we have also installed satellite internet so that children can receive their virtual classes normally in these difficult times since the pandemic, so we invite our travelers to share this support in the education and the health of this native villages. You can join us and bring anything you would like to supplement the lives of these Quechuan-speaking children.

Contact us if you are interested in bringing along supplies to help the kids.

Cusco Tours

Helping vulnerable families in the Cusco Region.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the protests has impacted everyone on our planet in some way. Here in Cusco, the economic impact is devastating. Most families in the Cusco Region dependent on international tourism in one way or another and they save to be able to survive the rainy season without work. They use their savings to survive in raining season. They need the tourists to come back in dry season. 

All contributions are welcome!

100% of your contributions goes to purchasing food and other necessities. 
We are reaching out through our network to find the communities and families who are most desperate for assistance. Contact Us


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