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Jungle Tour in Tambopata Rainforest

For travelers passionate about nature and biodiversity, it doesn’t get better — anywhere in the world — than the Tambopata amazon rainforest.

Our jungle expedition includes Refugio Amazonas and Tambopata Research Center is the only lodge that lies within the Tambopata National Reserve, making it one of the most remote lodges in South America! The lodge’s pristine location means it’s surrounded by the best wildlife the Amazon jungle has to offer. There are no humans nearby, so you can see more monkeys, Macaws and other large and endangered species than anywhere else. One in three guests here even spots a Jaguar!

Our jungle tour includes a visit to the two most important clay licks (clay cliffs that attract many birds) in the region: the Colorado and Chuncho Claylicks. Visit these special portions of riverbank while Macaws and Parrots make a raucous and colorful spectacle and other jungle activities according the season and the weather. Our jungle tour all inclusive have access to fantastic hikes too, Tambopata Research Center is situated near five distinct habitats. Near the lodge, there are a variety of stunning, biodiverse hikes, including the Floodplain Trail, the Palm Swamp Trail, the Terra Firma Trail, and the River Overlook Trail.


To begin your rainforest tour, you take a Bus or quick plane trip from Lima or Cuzco to the Amazonian city of Puerto Maldonado, in Southeastern Peru. After we meet you at the airport, we’ll take you on a one-hour road trip, followed by a tranquil two and half-hours boating on the Tambopata River, to arrive at lodge. If you want us to help you with booking the flights or bus, let us know.

Our Rainforest Expeditions Departures from Puerto Maldonado.
Two daily departures at 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.
Rainforest Expeditions Returns from Lodge to Puerto Maldonado.
One daily departure at 7:30 AM
Do not take LATAM 2081 or LATAM 2077 as they do not match with our transfers to the lodge. For departures, make sure your flight leaves after 12:30 midday.


The first step, take a plane trip from Lima or Cuzco. Flights from Lima depart from the national terminal of the Jorge Chávez airport. The trip takes about two hours. Most flights stop in Cuzco before continuing to Puerto Maldonado. The flights from Cusco depart from the national terminal of the Velasco Astete airport. The trip takes about 45 minutes.

Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, you will be greeted by our guides, and taken to a waiting vehicle. We will make a brief 5 minute trip to our operations office in Puerto Maldonado where we will ask you to keep the luggage you do not need. The luggage is transported by hand in several stages of the long-distance trip, so we ask that you please limit your weight to 15 kilos (32 pounds per piece). You can pack bags separately and leave them safely in our offices in Puerto Maldonado the first day so that we do not load them unnecessarily. Your luggage will be waiting for you at the airport the day you leave. After taking care of your luggage, we take a one-hour bus trip to the Filadelfia River Port.

Due to the secluded nature of the Tambopata Research Center lodge, at Filadelfia River Port, we board long, stout canoes equipped with outboard motors and head upstream to the lodge. The two-hour boat trip is pleasant, and often includes our first sightings of macaws, herons, alligators, and capybaras. Once the boat reaches the dock of the lodge, you’ll have officially arrived in the wild jungles of Tambopata! — many guests see jaguars and other wildlife along the way. You will stop at Malinowski Check Point to register your entry into the National Reserve of Tambopata, the only lodge inside the protected area.

Following days Jungle activities according the season and weather.

  • Macaw Clay Lick
  • Nature Trail Hike
  • Palm Swamp Trail
  • Monkey Search
  • Creek Trail
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Jungle Night Walk
  • Others see more.

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